Heavy-Duty Big Cord Locks: Durable & Strong Steel Metal Spring Toggles, Cord Stoppers , One Hole - 6mm(D)=1/4"(D)

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Heavy-Duty & Durable
Big Cord Lock
One-Hole Cord Stopper

Cord Lock Feature List
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Fits Cord Size: 6mm(D)=1/4"(D)
Number of Holes: 1

Order per piece. No minimum order required!

SP-P110 comes equipped with a very strong, durable steel metal spring. Its heavy-duty feature and spring-release function locks cords in place so you do not have to worry about items coming loose. This one-hole cord toggle (cord stopper) can accommodate cord sizes up to 6mm(D) (1/4" in diameter).

Apply application by pressing down the top lever and inserting cord into the hole provided. The spring is visible when the top lever is not pressed down.

*Sold as Per Piece order. Please see the link below to be directed to the per 100 pcs quantity page.

**Cord sizes thicker than 6mm may be used depending on the softness of the material of the cord.
ItemNo: SP-P110/Per-Piece
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Great product, reasonable price, quick and efficient service on website and flawless delivery. a nice alternative to buying similar stuff from amazon - this outfit and product are much better.