Big Plastic Drawstring Locks: Large Wheel - Tighten String Fasteners - Per Piece

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Large Size Plastic Drawstring Locks
Large Wheel String Fasteners
Works Well With Laundry Bags

Drawstring Lock Feature List
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Fits Cord Size: 5mm(D)=3/16"(D)

If you are not looking to order in bulk by the hundreds, make a per piece order. No minimum order!

The big drawstring lock comes with a plastic locking wheel. The locking wheel allows you to lock or loosen articles easily. Adjust cord length as necessary. Use the fastener with pull-strings for canvas bags, storage bags, and laundry bags.

Cords sold separately

Follow the simple instructions given in the above picture. Make sure the cord (string) is in place before inserting the locking wheel.

*Sold as Per Piece order. Please see the link below to be directed to buy by the 100 pcs page.

**Cord sizes larger than 5mm may be used depending on the softness of the material of the cord.
ItemNo: SP-P011L/Per-Piece
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