Plastic Breakaway Buckles: Small & Curved Safety Neck Strap Buckles - 3/8"

Plastic Breakaway Buckles
Curved Breakaway Buckles
Fits 3/8" Shoe Strings and
3/8" Heavy-Duty Straps

Material: Plastic
Shape: Curved
Fit: 3/8" Shoe Strings and 3/8" Flat, Heavy-Duty Straps
Placement of Buckle: Fits On The Back of Neck Lanyards

LY-CC403HD-N fits 3/8" shoe string straps and heavy-duty polyester straps. The curved shape of the buckle was designed to fit the contour of the neck. The plastic clamp on the buckle allows easy insertion of lanyard straps and can be opened and closed when needed.The buckle hardware is capable of continuous reuse.

Follow the simple online instructions for easy assembly.

*Lanyard straps sold separately.

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