Cord Stoppers: Plastic, Rectangular Locks, One Hole 5mm(D)=3/16"(D)

One-Hole Cord Stopper

Cord Stopper Feature List
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Fits Cord Size: 5mm(D)=3/16"(D)
Number of Holes: 1

The SP-P088A, cord stopper is a rectangular plastic cord fastener with a one-string hole. The string hole can fit 3/16"(D) or 5mm(D) cords. As a cord stopper, this item is great for garment drawstrings or as a backpack string lock. The spring-release function locks cords in place so you do not have to worry about items coming loose.

Apply application by pressing down the top lever and inserting cord into the hole provided. The spring is visible when the top lever is not pressed down.

*Sold as 100/pc order. Please see the link below to be directed to the small quantity page.

**Cord sizes larger than 5mm may be used depending on the softness of the material of the cord.
ItemNo: SP-P088A/Per-100-Pcs
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