2" Tool Belt Suspender Clips: For Wide Strap Belt Suspender Without Plastic PVC Teeth: Nickel Color

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2" Tool Belt Suspender Clips
For Heavy-Duty Tool Belt Suspenders
Without A Plastic Insert
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Material: Steel Metal
The heavy-duty feature includes the extra thick border around the strap slot and it's ability to fit thicker straps. This heavy-duty, metal suspender clip can be used with thick nylon, polyester, or elastic straps. CM-1001-50 can be used to creat heavy-weight tool belt or work wear suspenders with super strong holding power.


  • 1. Standard, In-Stock Color: Nickel
  • 2. Standard pricing shown only applies to the Nickel color
  • 3. Optional colors: Gold, Brass, Antique Brass and Black Painted finishes available. Minimum order required - Call for pricing and delivery schedule
ItemNo: CM-1001-50
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