Stainless Ball Chain Spool - 4.5mm by 50 Ft

Stainless Ball Chain Spool
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In Stock Size: 4.5mm(D)x50Ft(L) / Per-Spool

Color Of Metal Ball Chains: Stainless Steel Color.

The stainless ball chain spools come in 4.5mm by 50 feet long. They are stainless ball chains sold by the roll. These 4.5mm large sized ball chains are made of corrosion and oxidation resistant stainless steel material. They are great for salt water applications. Depending on your application, you can easily cut them into different lengths. The 4.5mm ball chain connectors (clasps) are sold seperately. We can custom make ball chain lanyards as well.

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4.5" Ball Chain Connectors or Clasps

Great Add-On: Easy To Add-On-More Universal Cell Phone Strings

Custom Hardware: A variety of custom hardware attachments, buckles or connectors available.

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